Speaker & Sponsor at the Real Deals Tech Innovation Virtual Conference

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24 March 2021

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Sanne's Chris Thoume, Director, Product Development is speaking at the upcoming Real Deals Tech Innovation Virtual Conference.

From changes in the fundraising process, origination practices, to creating value in portfolio companies - tech is leading the way for PE to find and buy the right companies and exit with maximum returns. The event will be made up of panel discussions that you have a chance to learn from your peers and experts.

The Real Deals Tech Innovation one day virtual event will look at tech within private equity firms and portfolio companies. The working world has changed incredibly throughout 2020, with tech being at the forefront. Not only keeping the business world going, but propelling it forward to achieve feets that were unheard of a year ago.

To discuss how Sanne can assist you and your business, please contact Chris directly.

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Chris Thoume Global Head of Digital Innovation - United Kingdom
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