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7 October 2020

Virtual summit
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The UK’s premier private equity and venture capital conference is now digital.

The new decade brings new focus and as we emerge from the COVID-19 crisis and approach the end of the Brexit transition period, New Horizons looks towards a time of significant change.

Explore the role private equity and venture capital will play in the economic recovery and the UK’s transformation post-Brexit, and how the sector will break new ground in technology, ESG, impact investing, decarbonisation, diversity, and inclusion.

Attending virtually from Sanne:

Oliver Morris, Global Head of Private Equity
Rhea Hood, Director, Client Development & Strategy
Chris Thoume, Director, Product Development
Katy Hodgetts, Director
Martin Scott, Director, Head of Client Services, Guernsey
Jens Grueneklee, Director, Business Development
Archie Irtizaali, Director, Business Development
Ian Venter, Director, Private Equity
Marta Ciemiega, Director, Business Development

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For information on Sanne and our services, kindly contact Oliver Morris directly.

Private Equity
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Rhea Hood Global Head of Strategic CRM - United Kingdom
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Chris Thoume Global Head of Digital Innovation - United Kingdom
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