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Insights 1 April 2021

Expert panel discussion | ESG from a US perspective

ESG from a US perspective. In this discussion, the panel of experts looked at how asset managers incorporate ESG into their investment strategy to integrate responsible investing principles, investor expectations in the passing down of wealth to a new ESG...

Karlien De Bruin
Our People
Our People

Karlien De Bruin

Global Head of ESG - South Africa

Insights 6 October 2020

ESG data, apples, pears and ESG alpha

ESG) considerations as part of investment decision making started in the early 2000s, these issues were broad, intangible and subjective. The problem with intangible and subjective topics is that it is difficult to measure and report. Why we need to measure and report In the words of...

Karlien De Bruin
Insights 12 November 2020

A sustainable future - the ESG evolution is growing

ESG evolution is only going to grow from here. Written by Maddie Saghir Particularly popular and important to the younger generation, sustainability is a trend that is becoming increasingly mainstream and it is showing no signs of slowing. In fact, it is only going to become more prominent. It...

News 17 March 2021

Sanne Rio – next generation ESG reporting platform

ESG services with the aim of providing clients with a fully-fledged ESG solution, including green fund administration, ESG advisory, and ESG reporting. Operating responsibly is a core part of our business as we continue to embrace and...

Karlien De Bruin
Events 21 April 2021

Sanne set to attend ICSA ESG Summit

ESG Summit will be addressing the key issues governance professionals around the world face in developing, implementing and analysing their ESG strategies. Sanne's Sandra de Sousa will be attending this two-day event. Key topics will include:  Effective ESG...

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ESG) issues helps us understand the impact of our actions on people and the planet. We are committed to improving our ESG performance because we think it is crucial to our long-term success as a business. Our San' Angels school in Mauritius The team in New York volunteering...

Events 18 March 2021

Speaker & Sponsor at the Real Deals ESG and Impact Management Virtual Conference

ESG is speaking at the Real Deals ESG and Impact Management Virtual Conference.  The inaugural Real Deals ESG and Impact Management conference will take a deep dive into Environmental, Social, and Governance trends, and the evolving role that impact...

Karlien De Bruin
Our Expertise

ESG Services

ESG) issues affect Sanne, our clients and stakeholders; Sanne places ESG at the heart of its business, embedding ESG values into our corporate mission and global operations. An increased awareness of, and focus on ESG issues globally...

Insights 27 October 2020

ESG and Sustainability in the Real Assets sector

ESG) and Sustainability have raced from peripheral buzz words, arguably straight through an industry trend and are now talked about as a critical necessity. Sir David Attenborough has just submitted his “witness statement” and the message could not be clearer; urgent action is required...

Simon Vardon