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Sanne Connect Issue 30 - North America Edition

Insight 20 January 2022

Sanne Connect Issue 30 - North America Edition

Our 30th edition of Sanne Connect features insights from two contributors, as well as our latest keynote interview published in Private Equity International discussing the evolution of fund services, and our summary of the latest update from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

In this 30th issue of our Sanne Connect, our contributors cover the below topics:

  • How to realize the full potential of ESG - Joseph Pennini, Managing Director and Group Head, Customer's Bank

  • The evolution of fund services - Richard Murray, Global Head of Product and Natalie Breen, Global Head of Strategic Growth and Business Development, Sanne

  • Expanded rewards and protections for money laundering whistleblowers - Brian Hayes and Eddie A. Jauregui, Partners at Holland & Knight

  • Update on SEC's private investment recommendations for US retail investors – Daryoush Niknejad, General Counsel and Paul Séjournant, Associate Director, Sanne

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20 January 2022

A focus on emerging trends in the US market.

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