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Inspirational women at Sanne

Insight 11 March 2022

Inspirational women at Sanne

Financial services have come a long way over the last decade with a huge shift as the fund services industry evolves into a more professional service offering.

In the world of finance, employees have a lot of choice, and leading global professional services firms like Sanne know that in order to attract and retain the very best in talent, businesses must have a unique corporate culture with strong leaders and mentors who will guide and inspire people looking for a successful long-term career.

Honoring the 2022 International Women’s Day campaign of #breakingthebias, hear firsthand from their team of inspirational women who make their jobs look effortless as they lead from the front.

Lisa Aune Lead Director, Corporate Services at Sanne

Effective communication: take the time to fully explain tasks. Good organisation skills: know what to delegate whilst still maintaining responsibility if something goes wrong. Finally, the ability to identify and manage risk; it is easy to get caught up in the detail and it is important to take a step back and think about where the risk lies. It’s not easy to develop these skills, having a mentor to coach you is extremely beneficial.

I’m not sure many little girls dream of a career in finance! I wanted to be a journalist, followed by a lawyer (that might have been when Ally McBeal was on the TV!) Despite it not being my “dream career”, it has given me financial security and has also allowed me to travel to places such as North America, China, South Africa and Dubai. I have met some fantastic people along the way and have made life-long friends at work, so on reflection it turned out great, the younger me would be proud!

Life at Sanne can be fast-paced, but there is always a sense of comradery. There is also a keen focus by the business on the overall wellbeing of its employees and you can feel that through its initiatives such as virtual coffee hangouts, free yoga sessions and charitable work, which all staff are encouraged to get involved in.

Chin Goddard Director, Alternative Asset Services at Sanne

At Sanne, people are heard. Every idea is respected and acknowledged, and this comes directly from our CEO and his management team. The business provides opportunities for all our people. Managers take the time to understand and align people’s strengths to make the most of everyone’s potential.

Personally, I don’t believe that a job is measured in hours. It is measured by the quality of output. My manager puts great importance on taking time out, and often must remind me to have a holiday and maintain a healthy work life balance; I’m a bit of a workaholic, but I promise I’m getting better at it!

I don’t believe there is a difference. We are lucky enough to now live in a world where everyone strives for equitable and inclusive opportunities, free from stereotypes and discrimination.

Ashwini Ramlowat-Cowlessur Associate Director, Private Equity at Sanne

It has to be the people. I am working alongside one of the best private equity teams in my 15 years of service. The team in general are young and welcoming, they have an entrepreneurial spirit and are very dynamic.

I joined Sanne in April 2018 as an Assistant Manager and have been successfully promoted every year, which I am tremendously proud of.

I’m entering the next phase of my journey; I have done the groundwork and am now focusing on using my experience to improve client service levels. Having understood the full lifecycle of funds and what the client expectations are, I am continually identifying processes that increase efficiencies across my clients that spans multiple jurisdictions. Having a more senior role now, creating a culture of service excellence starts with me and I hope to share that with my team as we inspire each other to bring our best selves to work each day.

Be a role model who inspires others in business.