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Connect Issue 32 - North America Edition

Insight 8 September 2022

Connect Issue 32 - North America Edition

Our latest edition of Connect features insights from three contributors discussing various trends in the US market. From unravelling the venture company lending landscape to an informative pulse survey that discusses how the industry continues to embrace ESG, each article gives insightful opinions and thought leadership from key figures in the financial space.

In our 32nd issue of Connect, our contributors cover the below topics:

  • Venture company lending market shows signs of maturing, but no signs of slowing down - John Czapla, Chairman and Senior Managing Director, and Frank Mainville, Managing Director at Valuation Research Corp

  • ESG Underpins Private Fund Strategies - BDO Private Capital Pulse Survey

  • This is why every hedge fund should outsource shadow accounting - Adrian Bedoya, Director, Hedge, Sanne
  • Executive interview on the state of today's business environment – Priya Iyer, CEO, Concertiv

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23 May 2022

A focus on emerging trends in the US market.

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