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Keeping cybersecurity front of mind

Insight 28 May 2021

Keeping cybersecurity front of mind

Sponsored keynote interview as published in PEI.

The shift to working from home has changed the type of cyber threats facing fund managers and pushed risk mitigation up the agenda, say Sanne’s Chief Technology Officer, Marie Measures, and Chief Strategy Officer, Jason Bingham.

Expert insight on:

  • How have the events of the past 12 months impacted cyber risk for fund managers and their portfolios?
  • How can cyber risks be mitigated and what investments should firms be making in talent to support this?
  • What additional risks are created as a result of Big Data, cloud-based operations and the move to remote working?
  • What additional reporting and governance requirements should firms be aware of in this area?
  • What are you seeing in terms of fintech solutions to aid cyber risk mitigation, and what are the latest trends and developments that PE firms need to watch?
Keynote interview

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28 May 2021

Hear insights from our experts regarding cyber threats and risk mitigation.

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For additional information, or to discuss any of the topics highlighted above, please get in touch with Marie or Jason directly.

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