News 28 September 2020

Sanne host roundtable & networking event in Mauritius

Sanne in Mauritius hosted a thought leadership event around the future of the global business industry showcasing our new dynamic brand. ​

The financial services industry has constantly shown exceptional resilience in the face of challenges throughout its existence by standing as a unified front and driving bold transformation.  ​

We had the honour of welcoming Mr Harvesh Seegoolam, Governor of the Bank of Mauritius to deliver a keynote speech to launch our event. ​

​The event was followed by a high-level panel discussion bringing together prominent experts to debate on the subject.​ ​The panel composition shall be as follows:

  • Mr Vikash Thakoor – CEO of the Financial Services Commission
  • Mr Iqbal Rajabalee – Chairman of ABSA Bank (Mauritius)
  • Mrs Johanne Hague – Founder of Prism Chambers
  • Mr Peter Nagle – Managing Director at Sanne

Keep an eye out for the technical discussion paper we are drafting following the event.

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