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Private Funds CFO insights 2019

Insight 6 January 2020

Private Funds CFO insights 2019

Sanne in partnership with PEI Alternative Insight - Private Funds Management set out to survey private funds CFOs, to capture the changing nature of their crucial position.

Under the spotlight | CFOs on…

…investor demands
…the state of the industry

From this poll, we’ve noted CFOs face unprecedented challenges in coping with investor due diligence and regulatory scrutiny.

For this special report, PFM and Sanne polled 124 US-based private funds CFOs to discover the crucial role they play.

In this survey read our keynote interview with Sanne's Fred Steinberg who outlines the CFO’s growing workload (p. 6) and Hannah Jaeger who looks at IBOR reforms and the impact and implications on fund managers (p. 12).

Private Funds CFO - Insights 2020

Full publication here

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