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Sanne Connect Issue 8 - New York Special Edition

Insight 21 September 2018

Sanne Connect Issue 8 - New York Special Edition

Welcome to the latest edition of Sanne Connect, our dedicated technical insight bulletin.

In this issue we explore the topic of raising capital in Europe and provide a brief comparison on the takeaways and main benefits of using an experienced AIFM. This publication follows on from our Summer Symposium that was held in New York earlier this year.

Sanne Connect Issue 8 - The New York Special Edition include the following topics:

  • AIFMD – has it been a help or hindrance to fund raising in Europe?
  • What advantage is Luxembourg to access the treaty networks around Europe?
  • Are clients looking for more regulated options?
  • What are the takeaways and challenges experienced using AIFM?

In this edition, we have articles from:

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Sanne Connect Edition 8

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