ESG goals and beyond: moving from targets to tangible pathways

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6 April 2022


GRI Club's Global Committees set the professional standard for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing in order to identify new trends, capitalise on growth opportunities and aid deal flow discovery worldwide.

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Curated purely by members, spanning 80+ countries, and across all asset classes, this global committee meets once per month via zoom to share the current sentiment, investment appetite and debate where the market is going.

Participation is open and welcome to all GRI Club Members, under the wing of the specific committee chapter. Be part of the global dynamic exchange and always be present for the opportune moments in your asset and region.


  • Creating Science-Based Net Zero Pathways & Targets
  • Understanding Impacts of Operational & Embodied Carbon
  • Aligning Investment Approaches with SDGs
  • Understanding Asset Obsolescence Risks Across Portfolios
  • Impact on Value - How will ESG be factored into valuations going forward?

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