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18 March 2021

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Sanne's Karlien de Bruin, Global Head of ESG is speaking at the Real Deals ESG and Impact Management Virtual Conference.

The inaugural Real Deals ESG and Impact Management conference will take a deep dive into Environmental, Social, and Governance trends, and the evolving role that impact investing is taking within the industry. This will be an exclusive platform for fund managers, investors, and expert solution providers to tackle one of the most rapidly evolving and topical issues facing the industry. Karlien is speaking on the brace for impact session.

Topics include:

  • What Does the Future of Impact Investing Hold?
  • How are impact investments viewed by LPs, are they becoming an essential part of their investment portfolio?
  • As the lines between ESG and impact blur, will the term impact become diluted as more GPs make a push towards driving positive change?
  • Will impact funds need to offer more than ‘just’ positive change to compete with ESG funds? When does financial reward come in?
  • When might a GP create an impact fund alongside its ‘traditional’ offering? How easy is this to integrate into existing operations?
  • Using an impact fund to ‘top up’ a flagship fund which hasn’t hit target - could this move become more widespread, and a way to drive sustainability across your portfolio?
  • Measuring the impact the investment is having on communities the portfolio company serves - are demands heightening, and will expectations continue to rise?

To discuss how Sanne can assist you and your business, please contact Karlien directly.

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Karlien De Bruin Global Head of ESG - South Africa
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