Sanne Webinar | Rising interest of global players in Indian Private Debt

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14 October 2021

Virtual webinar

Sanne invites you to join our webinar covering the Indian private debt ecosystem.

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India is seeing a gap between projected economic growth and the availability of sufficient credit in the local market. Coupled with the relatively high level of non-performing assets for the banking sector, the recent NBFC crisis and the global pandemic, government yields have decreased, further constraining the funding environment.

This situation has led to interesting credit spreads and has sparked renewed interest from foreign capital, with a growing interest in the private debt space.

The discussion will focus on the Indian private debt ecosystem and cover the following topics:

  • An overview of the private debt markets in India
  • The current regulatory & tax environment
  • Opportunities & challenges faced by LPs and GPs

The event will include a keynote address from Sanne's Chief Commercial Officer, Peter Nagle.

Moderated by Jyoti Rai, Chief Business Officer at IC Universal legal, the panel includes:

If you would like to discuss how Sanne can assist you and your business, please contact Rubina or Varounen directly.

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