Sanne to attend Private Debt Investor | Virtual Forum 2021

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22 September 2021

Virtual event

The Private Debt Investor Virtual Forum will bring together senior professionals engaged in the continued expansion of private debt as an asset class for a live and interactive virtual conference.

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Attending the Private Debt Investor Virtual Forum will enable you to:

  • Engage with private debt professionals and institutional investors to cultivate new business relationships
  • Hear how firms are differentiating themselves in this highly competitive and dynamic market
  • Debate on best practices and return strategies across the private debt and credit asset class
  • Participate in a wide range of impactful discussions in various formats that include off-the-record think-tanks, sector-focused breakout sessions and fireside chats with industry leaders

This event is Wednesday, 22 September 2021 and Thursday, 23 September 2021 Eastern Time.