Sanne speaker at Preqin's ESG in alternatives webinar

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9 November 2021

Virtual event

Join Sanne's David Fowler as he's a panelist on this webinar.

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Over the last year, private markets have seen ESG grow, from pockets of conversations with those already familiar with the space to being the glaring center of all decision-making. Driven by LP demand, GPs are eager to drive competitive advantage with sophisticated policies in place – a significant time and resource constraint, which has kept all busy during the pandemic. The question no longer sits at who is doing ESG, but rather who is doing ESG the best? But what does the best look like?

Topics under discussion include:

  • Navigating the Climate Crisis

  • The Growing Role of Regulation in ESG Implementation

  • Mid- and small-sized Funds and ESG

  • The Challenges LPs Face in Detecting and Avoiding Greenwashing

  • Infrastructure and Social Impact

  • Impact Investing and Performance

The event is free to attend.

Connect with David before or after the webinar if you want to know more about Sanne's ESG services and how we can help you or your business.

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David Fowler Global Co-Head of Product - Private Equity - United Kingdom
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