Sanne speaker at AWS London Transformation Day

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10 November 2021

Virtual event

Join Sanne's Marie Measures to learn how cloud is transforming organisations, industries and the world around us.

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Join the AWS Transformation Day virtual event audience for a half-day event, broadcasted live from London, to explore how cloud technology is transforming organisations, industries and the world around us.

Sanne's Chief Technology Officer, Marie Measures, is a panelist for one of the session and will discuss how Cloudreach helped Sanne Group unify multiple data centres. Hear practical tips and advice, best practices gleaned from real-life use cases, an overview of the latest enabling AWS technologies and an understanding of how cloud can support your journey.

The event is designed for business decision-makers such as CFO’s, CISO’s as well as risk and compliance managers who are involved in strategic cloud projects. Executives will receive exclusive insights and benefit from the experience of innovative thought leaders in the technology industry. 

If you'd like to discuss how Sanne can assist you and your business, please reach out to Marie directly.

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Marie Measures Chief Technology Officer - United Kingdom
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