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13 October 2021


Navigating the evolving debt landscape in a new world

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Real Deals Mid-Market Debt will be returning for its 8th year running as a physical event. This year's event will delve into the deal process chronologically, observing the Debt products used throughout the Private Equity life cycle.

The UK debt market is more dynamic than ever. Conference content will cover:

  • New strategies to implement following a changed debt landscape and the emergence of new markets
  • Debt products for every stage of the PE lifecycle
  • The challenges of ESG Integration
  • Stress testing and crisis planning that keeps in line with the portfolio side
  • From deals to convenance: exploring the specifics
  • The end of restructuring and government help schemes and furlough: what’s next

If you'd like to discuss how Sanne can assist you and your business, please reach out to Keith directly.

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