Sanne set to attend Private Equity Wire Technology Summit

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11 February 2021

Virtual event

How is digitalisation shaping the future of private equity?

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We are joining Private Equity Wire to explore the intersection of trends and overall best practice in the world of tech at their flagship 2021 virtual event. 

As we live straddled between an old and a new normal. PE and VC firms have a unique role to play in determining the best aspects of each. This will demand operationally-minded visionaries — CIOs, COOs, CFOs, and other creative architects — to scale what already works within a paradigm of changing expectations, values, and technologies.

The Technology Summit is an exploration of the technologies and approaches most capable of driving the right solutions for a better world.

If you are attending and would like to meet with a Director to discuss how Sanne can assist you and your business, please contact Chris Thoume directly.

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Chris Thoume Global Head of Digital Innovation - United Kingdom
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