Sanne's Daryn Kerr speaks at AWS cloud migration webinar

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30 March 2021

UK, webinar

Sanne's Daryn Kerr, Global Head of Technology Change, is a speaker at this webinar in collaboration with AWS and Cloudreach.

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IT leaders believe large-scale public cloud migrations have been “essential for business survival” following COVID-19, per a recent Cloudreach study. Every organisation is guided by it's own unique motivations and goals, however, there are common frameworks and best practices that can help streamline the migration process.

During this webinar, the speakers will uncover the key drivers for cloud adoption and discuss the AWS Migration Acceleration program that's enabling UK companies to take a practical and phased approach to cloud migrations. The panel Discussion with include IT leaders from Sanne, Kurtosys, Avon and AWS to provide insights on:

  • State of Play: Understanding the need for accelerated business change and cloud adoption within the current global climate

  • AWS Migration Acceleration Program and its benefits 

To reach out to Daryn to discuss how Sanne can assist you and your business, email him on