Sanne Director attending ALFI webinar: Depositary Guidelines on Fund Regulation

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28 January 2021

Virtual event

Sanne's Roberta Robustelli-Diederich is attending ALFI's webinar on Depositary Guidelines on Fund Regulation on Thursday, 28 January 2021.

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This event is primarily addressed to Depositaries of UCITS and AIFs and will be a mix of panel discussions, designed to provide the audience with an opportunity to debate the implementation of UCITS and AIFM level 1 and 2 regulation applicable to depositaries, with the respective industry trends.

Professionals deeply involved in the drafting of these guidelines with the corresponding working groups, will present and discuss key notions, such as recording of financial instruments, obligations linked to collateral, ownership verification duties on other assets, performance of look-though, and cash flow monitoring.

If you are attending and would like to meet with a Director to discuss how Sanne can assist you and your business, please contact Roberta directly.

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Roberta Robustelli-Diederich Director, Depositary - EMEA Alternatives - Luxembourg
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