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Our dedicated investment and treasury services team assists clients and trustees in determining the most suitable solutions for their investment and treasury requirements.



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Treasury experts




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SANNE’s Investment and Treasury services business assists clients and trustees in determining the most suitable solutions for their investment and treasury requirements. 

As a services provider, we are not tied to any investment house or bank and our independence therefore allows us to assist with the selection of leading financial institutions and investment managers that are best suited to our clients’ needs. In addition, we use our scale to obtain the most competitive pricing across the investment and treasury range.

Investment Treasury Services services

  • Foreign Exchange, currency & interest rate hedging

    Our foreign exchange facility utilises market leading solutions such as Bloomberg to monitor currency trading. In addition we have negotiated preferential dealing capabilities with many leading financial institutions.

  • Bespoke Cash arrangements and cash pooling

    We manage the bespoke cash arrangements and cash pooling arrangements for clients with balances of over $50m to maximise the yield but also to provide diversification, while still maintaining sufficient liquidity to meet anticipated requirements. The banks used are selected for their size, credit rating and service capability. Treasury is able to move deposits quickly between banks in response to changes in interest rates, obtaining better returns, but still retaining access. The interest rates are in most cases higher than those quoted by the banks due to a combination of our global business’s collective purchasing power and the “new money” rates currently on offer.

  • Deposit services

    We have invested in an in-house treasury function and technology platform to diversify banking risk whilst still maximising returns on cash deposits for our clients. This service improves the prospects of consistently generating higher yields, asset diversification while managing acceptable levels of risk. The service is currently available in Sterling, US dollars and Euros. Treasury manages the cash pool to maximise the yield but also provides diversification, while still maintaining sufficient liquidity to meet anticipated requirements.

  • Investment manager selection

    We carry out both quantitative and qualitative screening to identify suitable “best of breed” investment managers for the identified investment strategies. The process involves the following:

    • Establish investment objectives and risk / return profiles
    • Match objectives with appropriate investment strategy
    • Investment manager selection
    • Regular review

    As part of our quantitative analysis of investment managers we draw on leading financial software solutions to assist with decision making and analysis.

  • Consolidated reporting

    We can provide consolidated reporting, including cash, investment portfolios, alternative assets and any other asset to provide an overall statement of wealth.

  • Bank Administration

    We act as Platform Administrator on a wide range of e-Banking platforms primarily to ensuring all Accounts access and Payment authorisation follows the appropriate mandates. 

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