Stephan Grimm

Director, Business Development - LIS-SANNE
Stephan Grimm — Director, Business Development - LIS-SANNE

Stephan is Director of Business Development at LIS-SANNE - a leading AIFM Services business based in Luxembourg with offices in Dublin.

LIS became part of SANNE in February 2018.

Stephan works with his colleagues at LIS-SANNE to help investment managers and fund initiators realise their investment ideas through turnkey solutions in all aspects of management, governance and servicing of the investment fund structure and supporting vehicles.

The LIS-SANNE business also works with SANNE business leaders to provider clients with a full suite of substance, corporate and fund administration services enabling clients to focus on the management of the investments.

LIS-SANNE are the AIFM of choice for a number of renowned international private equity and real estate fund initiators and managers desiring access to the European investors via the marketing passport.

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