SANNE Connect Issue 12: New York Special Edition 14 August 2019

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Hannah C Jaeger

Head of Business Development, Americas

Welcome to the latest edition of SANNE Connect, our dedicated technical insight bulletin.

Given the increased use of leverage in the private equity space, our expert panel explore what to disclose and expect in the regulatory framework, and bank collateral requirements. In this issue we also explore the topic of credit facilities in private equity.This publication follows on from our roundtable and networking event that was held in New York. To view some pictures taken at the event, click here

SANNE Connect Issue 12 - include the following topics:

  • A helicopter view: how Revolving Credit Facilities are used in private equity
  • What collateral do banks require from managers to acquire these facilities?
  • What are best practices for clients in terms of disclosure?
  • Are there any drawbacks of using RCFs?

Our Guest Panel:

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