SANNE Connect: #7 The Real Estate edition 30 November 2017

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Jason Bingham

Managing Director, Product Development

The latest edition of SANNE Connect, our dedicated technical insight bulletin, is now out.

Welcome to our seventh issue of Connect which in this issue focuses on the real estate industry. Connect is SANNE’s regular technical bulletin aimed at fund managers, their advisors and investors.

In this edition, we have articles on:

SANNE Connect Issue 7 - The Real Estate edition

  • Open-ended property funds and liquidity - Amanda Howard and Patrick Groves
  • A new dawn for the UK Private Rented Sector - Jason Bingham and Stephanie Henwood-Darts
  • BEPS Action 4 and UK Real Estate – Zaeem Youssouf
  • No break in demand for Jersey property structures - Daniel O’Connor and Fiona Dalton


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