SANNE celebrating Mauritius music day with Flamboyant Education Centre 28 August 2019

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Peggy Soobiah

Director, Client Services & Head of Centre of Excellence

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SANNE's Mauritius business have sponsored the Flamboyant Education Centre (FEC) at Cite Richelieu, Petite Riviere east of Mauritius for several years. The centre support children between the ages of 2-5 years coming from underprivileged communities.

In June 2019 our team participated in a music day event with the children of the centre as they showcase their winter music play. The play touched on being an environmental activist whilst having some fun song and dance.

One of the key focus of our CSR agenda is alleviation of poverty in Mauritius.  We put a lot of emphasis on education and youth empowerment through sponsorships of NGOs carrying out education and training programmes for youngsters.  We empower women to encourage them to be more independent and contribute to their family income, thereby improving their quality of life.  As Ambassador of SANNE Mauritius Foundation, I organise CSR events throughout the year. About 250 kids are the beneficiaries of these initiatives. The kids have the opportunity to visit an amazing place ;Casela Nature Parks, La Vanille Nature Park, Time Twisters Recreational Park, Coco Town or spend a memorable day at a hotel.  I coordinate with SANNE Volunteers participating in the CSR events to ensure that we all build a strong relationship with the kids.  ‘Together, we can all make a difference’”.  - Jennyfer Maurer

 “Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals - they are both essential ingredients for long-term success” – Bill Ford

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