Announcing the launch of San’Angels - Centre d’Eveil in Mauritius

Ramakrishna Sithanen

Ramakrishna Sithanen, Chairman and Director - SANNE Mauritius

19 May 2017

IFS – A SANNE Company are pleased to share with you some impressive CSR news.

Following 13 months of planning, negotiations and construction it gives us great pleasure to share with you that we have successfully opened the doors to our latest CSR initiative, San’Angels - Centre d’Eveil.

Following many meetings with Caritas Ile Maurice, (a long-standing partner in the implementation of community projects), the Mauritian Government and the Beau-Bassin community, the IFS Group CSR Committee approved the concept to construct a double-storey building for the purpose of setting up an Early Childhood Montessori School. It was decided that the school will be designed to empower, educate and support children in need from Beau-Bassin.

The centre accommodates 25 children, irrespective of race, gender, language, and religion. The school also hosts a state of the art multipurpose training centre which will be used for facilitating empowerment, entrepreneurship and skills development programmes to the families of the children at Centre d’Eveil and the wider Beau-Bassin community. The land on which the school is built was graciously donated by IFS Founder Mr Couldip Basanta Lala.

   Specialised education programmes tailored for children from underprivileged communities
>   Follow-up sessions and counselling with the children’s parents and members of the family
>   Healthy breakfast and lunch daily
>   Funding for extra curricular activities and school outings
>   Ad hoc medical check ups

We would like to thank the CSR Committee members for their guidance, insights, and ongoing effort this past year. Their contributions have been extremely valuable and will continue to help us evolve our CSR practices as a wider organisation. We would also like to thank all at IFS – A SANNE Company, each of you in your own special way have shown your willingness to making a meaningful difference to the communities in which we live and work. Lastly, a very special thank you to Couldip for his wise counsel and support with this project.

“In Mauritius, we do not take lightly our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen, not only towards society but also in the execution of fair business management. Significant changes are taking place in the environments that surround our industry. Whether locally or globally, it is our duty to respect diversity of cultures, customs, and viewpoints, and play a role in the development of society through our collective business activities and CSR initiatives like the launch of San’Angels - Centre d’Eveil” –  Rama Sithanen, Chairman and Director, IFS Group - A SANNE Company.

“We are immensely proud of the local community CSR initiatives that our colleagues in IFS Group have recently launched in Mauritius. San’Angels - Centre d’Eveil was built with a purpose to help disadvantaged children and their families in Mauritius learn in a safe and secure environment. At SANNE our CSR initiatives focus on the core themes of children, poverty and education. The launch of San’Angels is evidence that as a business we’re making great progress towards making a positive change in the local communities in which we operate.” – Dean Godwin, CEO at SANNE.

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