Expert panel discussion | Remuneration strategies and executive pay 20 July 2020

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Shervin Binesh

Director, Corporate Services

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SANNE recently hosted industry experts from Tapestry Compliance for a panel discussion on remuneration strategies and executive pay. Our panel took a look into how the market have been adapting amid the global Coronavirus pandemic, and the consequent trends they have seen in remuneration strategies and executive pay.

Our panel included insight from:
Topics & themes covered in the discussion included:
  • Updates from ISS, Glass Lewis and guidance issued by the Investment Association
  • Directors and executives sharing the burden with employees, and expectations on remuneration adjustments
  • The impact of cash constraints for companies and bonus/pay deferrals
  • The impact on all-employee plans
  • Themes and approaches taken by companies on setting performance targets and applying discretion against awards set in 2020

Watch the full webcast below.


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