The CFO guide to fundraising 15 January 2019

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Fred Steinberg

Managing Director – North America

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Under the spotlight | The CFO guide to fundraising

SANNE in partnership with PEI Alternative Insight - Private Funds Management set out to survey private funds CFOs, to capture the changing nature of their crucial position. From previous polls, we’ve noted how the finance chief’s job has become more strategic. We also knew that more is being demanded of the finance team from investors.

For this special report, pfm and SANNE polled 100 US-based private funds CFOs to discover the crucial part that they are playing in the fundraising process.

This special publication covers everything from domicile choice and outsourcing to the challenges in raising a larger fund. The full results from the survey are from page 3 and there is a roundtable on page 12 that delves into the changing nature of the private fundraising market. 

Our keynote interview with SANNE’s Fred Steinberg outlines outsourcing trends (p. 22) and Dr. Pierre Weimerskirch, a managing director at LIS, a leading Luxembourg-based AIFM, looks at the options for non-EU managers seeking to raise capital in Europe (p. 26). 

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