SANNE Real Estate Directors attend IPF Investment Conference

Chris Warnes — Director, Real Estate

SANNE’s Real Estate Directors Chris Warnes and Coral Bidel are attending the MSCI/IPF Property Investment Conference.

The Conference takes place on 15 and 16 November 2018 at the Grand Hotel, 97-99 King's Road, Brighton, BN1 2FW.

This conference has been taking place for over 26 years and attracts an international audience from across the industry, including investors, fund managers, lawyers, advisors and researchers. Real estate analysis experts will be joined by industry practitioners to discuss the trends and challenges faced by real estate professionals today.

Our dedicated team of more than 125 real estate professionals comprises qualified accountants, chartered secretaries, chartered surveyors and lawyers. They address key back and middle office processes, leading to increased efficiencies and optimised operations. Our expertise in asset class-specific issues helps us meet the complex and evolving operational and reporting needs of our clients.

If you or a colleague are attending the conference, please feel free to contact Chris or Coral directly to setup a meeting.