SANNE’s private debt and capital markets team attend LPGP 2017

Martin Schnaier — Chief Executive Officer

SANNE’s Private Debt and Capital Markets team will be attending the third annual LPGP Connect in Aldwych, London on Tuesday, 7 March 2017.

LPGP Connect brings together 190 private debt Limited Partners (LPs) and General Partners (GPs) from across the globe to analyse the latest trends in the market, discover new investment opportunities and build meaningful business relationships for long-term growth. 

Martin Schnaier, Managing Director of SANNE’s Alternative Assets EMEA business said ‘I am delighted to be representing SANNE at the 2017 LPGP Connect. The conference enables us to position SANNE and our services as an international leader within the European market. The team and I look forward to this year’s conference as it’s designed to be interactive, content driven and will offer tangible thought provoking action points for the debt community.’

The conference will provide an up-to-date overview of private debt, ensuring all industry players have a clear picture of how the market is performing. The outcome will also enable us to see where the areas of growth are achievable.

The SANNE Private Debt & Capital Markets team attending LPGP 2017 will be:
Martin Schnaier, Managing Director, Alternatives Assets - EMEA
Stephen McKenna, Divisional Director, Private Debt & Capital Markets
Conor Blake, Co-Head of Private Debt & Capital Markets