Martin Schnaier — Chief Executive Officer

The Sanne’s Private debt and Capital Markets team will be attending Global ABS 2016 in Barcelona, Spain between 14 – 16 June.

The Global ABS conference this year will provide delegates with an outlook on new innovations and how the market is adapting to positive regulatory developments as renewed confidence in securitisation helps restore economic growth and builds towards capital markets union in Europe.

Conor Blake, Director in Sanne’s Private Debt and Capital Markets business division said ‘I am delighted to be attending Global ABS 2016 and representing Sanne at this leading industry event. This conference enables us to engage with the regulatory community and speak to our clients and partners on the key issues surrounding the European securitisation market.

The Barcelona International Convention Centre will be venue for this year’s conference. For more information visit

The Sanne Private Debt & Capital Markets team attending Global ABS 2016 will be:

Martin Schnaier, Rolf Caspers, Conor Blake, Stephen McKenna and Chris Ruark.