Charitable giving

Sanne are committed to making philanthropy a satisfying and defining part of a donor’s life. We endeavour to raise awareness and understanding of philanthropy, promote its practice and inspire new philanthropists.

We are able to explore new approaches for current donors so that giving remains vibrant and relevant, and where charitable giving has become a dull obligation we can help donors reignite enthusiasm and rebuild engagement.

We have the experience to help those who have yet to start on a philanthropic programme shape a vision and support its implementation, working not only with the principal donor but also with advisors, family members or leaders within a family controlled business.

Our efforts are always to ensure that the dictates of both heart and mind are bought to bear so that issues are effectively tackled and donors feel greater satisfaction with outcomes.  We believe that by doing so, Sanne will have served as a cog in the wheel of doing good.

Through The Sanne Philanthropic Foundation and The Sanne Charitable Trust we enable both client donors and ourselves to successfully deliver philanthropic objectives.